SEARCH assistant director’s novel earns spot on Yale Climate Connections summer reading list

Curated by The George Washington University professor Michael Svoboda, Ph.D., this ‘climate-aware’ summer reading list from Yale Climate Connections features the latest writing from household names such as Margaret Atwood and Bill McKibben. Included on the list is SEARCH Assistant Director Athena Copenhaver’s debut novel My Days of Dark Green Euphoria, published by Ashland Creek…

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Informing decisions in and about the Arctic

Aerial image of partially submerged icebergs in teal water so dark it's almost black.

Scientists, Indigenous experts, and leaders from governments and commerce are meeting in Anchorage this week to forge new ways of informing decisions in and about the Arctic. Rapid warming is changing the Arctic with pronounced consequences for people in and beyond the region. Decisions made at local, regional, and global scales need to be informed…

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Addressing the rapidly changing Arctic in meaningful ways

“A local hunter can notice walruses on land before a biologist can finish studying thinning ice,” writes Alena Naiden for The Arctic Sounder. “And a family whose house was washed away by ocean storms needs solutions for climate change quicker than 2030.” This front page news story begins by noting the urgency of environmental change…

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