We bring together diverse experts to co-produce and share new understanding of the drivers and consequences of Arctic environmental change.

More news from the Study of Environmental Arctic Change

SEARCH @ AGU23: We’re Bringing Shared Understanding of Arctic Environmental Change to a Meeting Over 25,000 People Strong

8 December 2023

One of the country’s largest scientific gatherings starts next week (11-15 December 2023), and SEARCH is thrilled to be attending once again. The American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) 2023 Fall Meeting—aptly abbreviated as AGU23—will see over 25,000 attendees from over 100 countries descend on San Francisco for a week of presentations, meetings, networking, and more. SEARCH…

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Co-produced knowledge guides suggestions for the Alaska Energy Security Task Force

27 October 2023

SEARCH’s co-production teams convened in Anchorage earlier this month to advance policy-relevant understanding of environmental change in the Arctic. One working group is exploring equitable and sustainable energy policies for Alaska, and they used the Anchorage convening to co-produce and submit formal comments to the Alaska Energy Security Task Force.  With the public comment period…

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SEARCH Syntheses Underway: Bringing together What We Know about Changes in the Arctic

11 August 2023

SEARCH is a complex collaboration of 50 Indigenous Knowledge holders, scientists, & decision makers co-producing solutions to problems that people face as the Arctic environment changes rapidly. We operate with funding from the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs. Our premise is that meeting the profound challenges of rapid environmental change requires decisions informed…

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