Informing Arctic decisions with Indigenous and scientific knowledge

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Human Well-Being

Human well-being in the changing Arctic environment

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Arctic Change

Drivers and consequences of
Arctic environmental change

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Geopolitics & Economics

Geopolitical and economic stability in the changing Arctic environment

News from SEARCH

“Nangaghneghput – our way of life,” by Vera Kingeekuk Metcalf published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

By Athena Copenhaver | 15 October 2021

“Siku, sea ice, remains the most real and powerful presence in our relationship with our world in the Arctic,” writes Vera Kingeekuk Metcalf in her latest article for peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Vera serves as the Director of the Eskimo Walrus Commission and co-chairs the SEARCH co-production team dedicated to understanding…

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SEARCH announces new focus on co-production and call for nominations

By brendanpkelly | 4 October 2021

Three teams—each comprised of scientific, Indigenous, and decision-making experts—will synthesize the drivers and consequences of change, and make this understanding accessible to all. Nominations for team members are now being accepted.