Human Well Being in the Changing Arctic Environment


The Human Well Being Team synthesizes understanding of the changing Arctic environment in terms of "human security." This team considers what communities need to protect and maintain food security and sovereignty, cultural heritage, community resilience, human health, and well being from local to global scales. 

Read our chapter published in NOAA's 2022 Arctic Report Card: Consequences of rapid environmental Arctic change for people.

Team members

Beth Kerttula
Cassidy DanielClimate & Indigenous Rights Advocate, Alaska, USA
Chloe NunnNIRAS
Darlene Tocktoo TurnerShishmaref, Alaska
Ephraim FroehlichAKWA-DC
Laura LandrumNational Center for Atmospheric
Maija Katak LukinNational Park Service
Martin RobardsWildlife Conservation Society - Arctic Beringia Program
Mary BlairAmerican Museum of Natural History, New
Sylvia Lange