Our Work

Who is the Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH), and what the heck are they doing?

SEARCH is a complex collaboration of scientists, Indigenous People, and decision makers (from government and the private sector) synthesizing—across disciplines and knowledge systems—and sharing holistic understandings of the drivers and consequences of Arctic environmental change. Products will be shared in:

  • Science briefs published in Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
  • Scientific publications
  • Presentations to academic, business, and community audiences
  • expert testimony before tribal, State, Federal, and international agencies

We'll form three co-production teams

Each team of scientific, Indigenous, and decision-making experts will synthesize drivers and consequences of environmental change in the Arctic. These will made available in diverse formats tailored to specific audiences.

What is co-production?

We use a recent definition of co-production of knowledge as "bringing together diverse groups to iteratively create new knowledge and practices."

man tossing fishing line from boat

Human Well-Being in the Changing Arctic Environment

red boat in ocean

Drivers and Consequences of Arctic Environmental Change

cairn made of ice

Geopolitical and Economic Stability in the Changing Arctic Environment