Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting Final Report

Significant investments in Arctic observing during the IPY and beyond have produced a broad, multi-disciplinary data set of unprecedented spatial and temporal scope spanning land, ice (ice sheets and sea ice), ocean atmosphere and human systems. The Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting (held 17-19 November 2015 in Seattle, WA) provided the research community a forum to discuss the advances supported by these sustained, broad, contemporaneous observations and to identify areas for improved integration into an Interagency Arctic Observing Network. Specific goals were:
Present and document new understanding achieved through Arctic observing
Illustrate the breadth and scope of existing Arctic observing activities.
Strengthen the goals, identity and activities of an integrated Interagency Arctic Observing Network.

Published: 2015
Product type: Report
Categories: Arctic Observing


C.M. Lee, M. Shupe, C. Wilson, L. Sheffield Guy, H.V. Wiggins, M. Bennett, E. Hoy, R. Kwok, A. Nguyen, D. Payer, E. Schuur, S. Starkweather, L. Stearns (eds.), Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting Report. Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS), Fairbanks, Alaska. 2017. 6 pp. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17167.79521

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