Arctic Futures 2050 Conference

"It is imperative that we quickly evolve our decision-making practices to include all of the knowledge systems ... to guide our collective future."

—Ayyu Qassataq, First Alaskans Institute

Held in 2019 in Washington, D.C., USA, Arctic Futures 2050 was a novel conference of Arctic scientists, Indigenous Peoples, and policy makers jointly exploring the knowledge needed to inform decisions concerning the Arctic in coming decades.

Conference products

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Arctic Futures 2050 Conference Report2020Reportreport
Arctic Futures 2050 Conference Report Executive Summary2020Reportreport
Arctic Futures 2050: Next Steps2018Videovideo
Arctic Futures 2050: Welcome and Introductory Remarks2018Videovideo
Arctic Futures Scenarios Narrative Report2019Reportreport
Arctic Futures Scenarios Technical Report2018Reportreport
Arctic Research & Education for the Future2018Videovideo
By the Numbers: Arctic Futures 2050 Conference2019Graphic / Brochuregraphic-brochure
Científicos estudian alteraciones en el Ártico por el cambio climático2019Articlearticle
Conference addresses human impacts of climate change2019Articlearticle
Continuing The Conversation2018Videovideo
Day 1 Livestream: Arctic Futures 2050 Conference2018Videovideo
Day 2 Livestream: Arctic Futures 2050 Conference2018Videovideo
Day 3 Livestream: Arctic Futures 2050 Conference2018Videovideo
Harnessing Specialized Knowledge to Respond to a Rapidly Changing Arctic2019Articlearticle
How Predictions and Models Inform the Future2018Videovideo
Inclusive Planning for Changing Arctic Futures: Demonstrating a Scenario-Based Discussion2019Reportreport
Indigenous Peoples and Arctic Environmental Change2018Videovideo
Intersection of Arctic Science and Policy Resources2019Reportreport
Interview with David Behar2018Videovideo
Interview with Gail Schubert2018Videovideo
Interview with Jennifer Francis2018Videovideo
Interview with Randy Gauntt2018Videovideo
Interview with Shannon Jenkins and Phillip Thorne2018Videovideo
Melting Arctic in spotlight amid record temperatures2019Articlearticle
Panel: Barents Sea Fisheries: Informing Management Under Rapid Change2018Videovideo
Panel: Considerations for Emerging Research: Capacity and Scale2018Videovideo
Panel: Emerging Research in the Arctic2018Videovideo
Panel: Implications of Changing Marine Ecosystems2018Videovideo
Panel: Implications of Changing Terrestrial Ecosystems2018Videovideo
Panel: Inclusive Planning for Arctic Futures: Demonstrating a Scenario-Based Table-Top Exercise2018Videovideo
Panel: Indigenous Knowledge Approaches to Informing Policy2018Videovideo
Panel: Informing Arctic Policy2018Videovideo
Panel: Informing Marine Conservation Areas in the Arctic2018Videovideo
Panel: Melting Ice and Thawing Permafrost: Local, Regional, and Global Implications2018Videovideo
Panel: Modeling Risks in the Arctic System2018Videovideo
Panel: Social Implications of Arctic Change: The Example of Shishmaref, Alaska2018Videovideo
Panel: Subsistence Whaling: Indigenous & Scientific Knowledge Informing Policy2018Videovideo
Panel: Urgency of Collaborating to Inform Arctic Policy2018Videovideo
Panel: Ways Forward2018Videovideo
Past and Future Environments of the Arctic2018Videovideo
Q&A with Keynote Speakers2018Videovideo
Remarks: Delbert Pungowiyi2018Videovideo
What Will Policy Makers Need to Know in 2050?2018Videovideo