‘Full understanding of Arctic changes requires equitable, inclusive approach’ – SEARCH voices on KUAC Radio

“We have seen more walruses hauling out on land,” says Vera Kingeekuk Metcalf in her interview with journalist Mary Auld for KUAC radio. “And we have seen some of our hunters traveling out farther to find good ice. The Arctic is home to us and we are not going anywhere.”  

Mary Auld talked over Zoom with SEARCH contributors Brendan Kelly and Vera Kingeekuk Metcalf in late November 2021. The interview helped place the work of SEARCH within the rapid changes taking place in the Arctic and suggested that these unprecedented changes are best met through more equitable and inclusive co-production of knowledge with Indigenous experts, scientists, and decision makers. 

“A full understanding [of Arctic changes] is what we are shooting for,” said Brendan in his conversation with Mary. “And this understanding requires the expertise of Indigenous People who have been on the land and the ice for a very, very long time.”

With this new funding from the National Science Foundation, SEARCH hopes to hear what Arctic communities need and then answer that need with useful, actionable knowledge to help inform and improve decision making.

Listen to the full interview on KUAC here. SEARCH’s Brendan and Vera are featured from about 0:1:30 – 0:4:30.