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Image shows an iceberg above deep dark water with bright blue iceberg visible under the surface of the water.

The Arctic “highlights our failure to act in a rapidly changing world”

29 March 2022

A diverse selection of Arctic experts released a study in the scientific journal Sustainability that holds up the Arctic as evidence of humanity’s “failure” to act on climate.  And while the Arctic might exemplify our failure to act on climate in a rapidly changing world, the Arctic also provides a vision for what rapid and…

Cover image shows the ocean's surface with a research vessel and beneath the water, a scene with schools of fish and other marine life swimming.

Innovations in how we work together can transform communities for the better

23 March 2022

With a global ocean increasingly stressed by the impacts of climate change, communities and decision makers need new understandings not only of climate change consequences, but also of how we can best work together to mitigate them.  In response to such a need, a new book published by Elsevier entitled Partnerships in Marine Research: Case…

Join us at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting!

10 December 2021

Next week (13-17 Dec 2021) SEARCH will be attending the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in New Orleans. You can find us in person at the following events—we hope to see you there!  Monday, 13 Dec 2021, 8am Central Time – Convention Center – Room 298-299: “Complex Collaboration for Understanding Drivers and Consequences of Arctic…

SEARCH Highlights: How we're working together to share what we know


4 December 2023

One of the country’s (if not the world’s) largest scientific gatherings is happening in just one week, and SEARCH is thrilled to once again be attending. The American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) 2023 fall meeting—aptly abbreviated as AGU23—will see over 25,000 attendees from over 100 countries descend on San Francisco for a week of presentations, meetings,…

Savoonga Community Leader Soon to Co-Chair SEARCH Team

28 November 2023

Change is in the air for SEARCH as winter rolls in near the close of 2023. Bryan Rookok, Jr.—SEARCH co-production team member and community leader from Savoonga on St. Lawrence Island—will be taking up the mantle of co-chair of our International Cooperation & Economic Decisionmaking (IC-ED) co-production team. As an already integral team member, Bryan will…

Join SEARCH as a Postdoctoral Fellow

3 November 2023

Are you a well trained research scientist looking to strengthen and diversify your skills? Are you interested in contributing to a complex collaboration synthesizing and communicating the consequences for people of environmental changes across the Arctic? Are you committed to rolling up your sleeves, exemplifying your belief that no job is too small, and contributing…

NIUGTAQ : Fractured Edge

31 October 2023

SEARCH Human Well Being team co-chairs Jackie Qataliña Schaeffer and Dr. Jamie Donatuto co-produced an art piece that is now currently on display at the Surge: Mapping Transition, Displacement, and Agency in Times of Climate Change exhibit at the Museum of Northwest Art. Titled “Niugtaq : Fractured Edge,” images of the piece and its write-up…

Honoring Excellence, Impact, and Helping Others

31 October 2023

Dr. Jamie Donatuto has spent decades advancing the environmental health and well being of the communities in which she works. That service and success was recently recognized by the National Science Foundation as, in partnership with The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation, Jamie was named as one of 31 Ocean Decade Champions. Women leaders at the…

Making Music in Memory

31 October 2023

SEARCH honored the life of Craig George earlier in October with the making of music. Tragically lost in a rafting accident this past July, Craig George was known—among many other talents—for his love and sharing of music in his community of Utqiagvik and far beyond. Memories of Craig were shared throughout SEARCH’s annual all-hands convening…

Making a Mayoral Move

13 October 2023

The Fairbanks North Star Borough has its newest candidate for mayor: Savannah Venetis Fletcher. A member of SEARCH’s Drivers and Ecological Consequences co-production team, Savannah announced her mayoral run earlier this October with supporting a thriving community, communicating openly and transparently, and staffing and operating the Borough fairly and efficiently chief among her goals. “I…

Finding Family—and a Reindeer Herd—in Norway’s Far North

26 September 2023

Mary Blair holds her Sámi heritage close to her heart. For the longest time, however, she didn’t even know it existed. A member of SEARCH’s Human Well Being co-production team and Director of Biodiversity Informatics Research at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at the American Museum of Natural History, Mary was working through her…

Food for Thought—and So Much More

12 September 2023

For Arctic Indigenous People, food is far more than just something to eat. Where most of America drives to grab the same groceries that can be found at supermarkets across the country, folks living in rural Alaskan villages like Kiana and Kotzebue regularly head out onto the land to hunt and forage for traditional foods.…

Where Ice Melts, a Treaty Emerges

24 August 2023

Once covered in meters-thick sea ice, the Central Arctic Ocean—an area the size of the Mediterranean at the top of our planet—is opening up for the first time in human history as climate change warms the Arctic. Categorized as “high seas” over which no country has jurisdiction, the Central Arctic Ocean is a recent center…