SEARCH staffer’s novel earns spot on Yale Climate Connections summer reading list

Curated by The George Washington University professor Michael Svoboda, Ph.D., this ‘climate-aware’ summer reading list from Yale Climate Connections features the latest writing from household names such as Margaret Atwood and Bill McKibben.

Included on the list is SEARCH Assistant Director Athena Copenhaver’s debut novel My Days of Dark Green Euphoria, published by Ashland Creek Press earlier this year.

Winner of the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature, My Days of Dark Green Euphoria is a satirical novel exploring climate grief, eco-anxiety, and how one exceedingly conscientious and deeply flawed main character attempts to find relief from environmental despair.

Other books on the list come from Climate Fiction Writers League founder Lauren James (Green Rising), environmentalist Taylor Brorby (Boys and Oil: Growing Up Gay in a Fractured Land), and leading planetary scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton (A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman).

Check out the full list of summer reading recommendations by visiting Yale Climate Connections.