Chloe Nunn

Chloe works with the environmental consulting firm NIRAS and is a former Science and Operations Officer for the UN Ocean Decade where she worked to implement transformational action to deliver the ‘science we need for the ocean we want’. Her background is in marine ecology and social science, having worked on research projects covering everything from deep-sea amphipod ecology to Arctic coastal community resilience. She is particularly interested in seaweed ecology and social-ecological systems.

She is also a published children’s magazine writer, heads up the UK Polar Network festivals coordination, and runs the communications for the Society for Women in Marine Science. As a National Geographic Explorer 2018, she is a fan of international collaboration and lifelong learning, recently leading to the compilation of a book of post-Covid hopefully realistic stories. You can find more about her on her website, Instagram, and Twitter. She is currently living in Plymouth, UK, and was raised in Deerfield, Massachusetts (homelands of the Pocumtuck).

Affiliation: NIRAS


  • Co-Production Team Member, Human Well Being

Chloe Nunn's website

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