Andrew Seitz


My research focuses on several aspects of applied fish ecology and biology. Generally, my research team, collaborators, and I seek to understand the behavior, life history, migration patterns and population structure of a variety of freshwater and marine fishes, ranging from salmon smolts to large, highly mobile species such as king salmon and halibut. With this understanding, we seek to answer pressing questions related to the management and conservation of fishes that are intensively harvested, imperiled and/or subject to human-induced impacts in their environment.

Studying these fishes is often challenging because of their relative inaccessibility. To overcome these challenges, I have used a variety of techniques ranging from traditional net sampling in rivers to cutting-edge technology in the oceans. The majority of the research conducted by my team involves novel applications of electronic tags and analyses of their data.

Affiliation: University of Alaska Fairbanks


  • Arctic Answers


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