Alexandra Shultz

Lexi lives in Washington, DC, where she serves as Vice President of Science Policy and Government Relations for the American Geophysical Union. In this role, Lexi develops strategy and implements initiatives to shape Earth and space science policy and provide scientists with the skills, opportunities, and confidence to use their voices to engage with policymakers and society.  

Lexi serves on coalitions working to advance science policy, such as the Climate Science Working Group and Science is US, an effort that seeks to leverage non-science voices at the state level (, and on advisory groups attempting to foster interdisciplinary research between social, behavioral, and climate science and to advance “whole of society” resilience strategies. 

In her policy work, Shultz has advocated for and helped to shape federal mining law, climate policies, scientific integrity measures, and geohealth, among others.  She has engaged with members of Congress, state officials, and White House and federal agency staff.

Previously, Lexi held positions at the Mineral Policy Center, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Her background education was in chemistry, with a focus on the environmental chemistry of streams, and environmental law. 

Affiliation: American Geophysical Union


  • Co-Production Team Member, Drivers & Ecological Consequences of Arctic Change

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