Francis Wiese

francis wiese

Dr. Francis Wiese is an ecologist and Stantec’s Science Director for Climate Solutions. He brings 30 years’ experience working around the world, designing, implementing, and managing large inter-disciplinary, multi-institutional science programs that address important socio-ecological issues related to climate change, the ocean, and its uses—and he’s fluent in English, French, German, and Spanish, so that helps. As part of his role, he designs, implements, and manages large multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional marine ecosystems programs that address important socio-ecological issues related to the ocean and its uses.

Francis has been active in increasing ocean sustainability and climate change awareness and providing solutions working for and with academia, government, communities, non-profits, and industry. He has extensively focused on climate change and other anthropogenic stressors on the environment, system science, adaptive management, resilience, and environmental policy. He is also a technical reviewer for over 20 international journals and serves on a variety of national and international science panels, committees, and working groups.

Not surprisingly, when he’s away from the office, Francis is still near, on, or under the water—kayaking, sailing, diving, or serving as a scientist/lecturer on Antarctic cruise ships. He also explores the Alaska terra firma via bicycle.

Affiliation: Stantec, Inc.


  • Co-Chair, International Cooperation & Economic Decision Making
  • Executive Committee Member


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