Nangaghneghput – our way of life

“Like all Indigenous people, I believe my home – the land and waters of St Lawrence Island in the Bering Strait – is the most special and sacred place on Earth. For thousands of years, my ancestors thrived here. Even throughout the millennia when there were periodic changes in climate, the variety and quantity of the natural resources sustained us. Whales, walrus, seals, seabirds, and millions of fish migrate through the strait between southern oceans and Arctic seas as the sea ice retreats in spring and advances in fall. However, we are now experiencing astonishing environmental change that is causing an unsettling shift in the traditional, ageless rhythms of our communities.”

Published: 2021
Product type: Article
Categories: Arctic, Arctic Change, Arctic Policy Issues, Human Well-Being, Indigenous Issues, Indigenous Peoples, and Sea Ice

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Metcalf, Vera K. “Nangaghneghput – our way of life.” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 19(8): October 2021.

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