Torre Jorgenson

Torre Jorgenson is owner of Alaska Ecoscience, a small business in Fairbanks, Alaska, dedicated to research on Alaska’s changing landscapes and an Affiliate Professor with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He has worked on ecology and geomorphology studies in arctic and boreal Alaska for nearly forty years, focusing on ecological land classification and terrain mapping, coastal studies, environmental impact assessments, ecological restoration, permafrost dynamics, soil carbon, drivers of landscape change, and climate change impacts. Internationally, he has been involved with the International Permafrost Association, Arctic Coastal Dynamics Program, Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping Program, and the AMAP Climate Expert Group. In 2017, he received an Honorary Doctorate from UAF in recognition of his contributions to ecosystem and permafrost science in Alaska.

Affiliation: Alaska Ecoscience


  • Co-Production Team Member, Drivers & Ecological Consequences of Arctic Change

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